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Written by Basher   
Monday, 08 June 2009

2020 Bedfordshire County Trials Results  

You may have been pestered recently by myself or by Tina Spence to buy some raffle tickets... we a lot of you so kindly did and we raised about £130 for the local association.

Here is a list of the winners - I will try and get your prizes to you as soon as possible... if by chance you don't want you prize let us know and we will put it the prize pot for the next raffle.

Kendall Jenner Hair Straighteners - Neil Guest

Energizer Power Bank - Paul Button 

Energizer Power Bank - YIDDO's mum ! John Glasscoe

Wireless Sport headphones - Tina Leighfield 

Bluetooth Speaker - Martyn YBC

Babyliss - HairCurler, Travel case, and compact mirror - Julie YBC

Headphones - Tina Spence

Headphones - Rob Weavers 

Urban ears headphones - anthony meekins (what league does he bowl in ??)

Braun 3 flex Electric shaver and travel case - Jackie Scott 

Thank you - everyone


womencounty2020men county 2020



What we think of this... some good news. League discounts coming back and practice rates and a NEW Dawn Bowlers offer - which I'm loving.
Offers Start from Monday 9th ! 
Following message is from the owner og Dunstable Go Bowling 
Dear GObowling League Bowlers, BTBA and YBC Members,
We are introducing the following League Practise times with special rates for you effective as of Monday, 9 March, and you can see these in the schedule below. Please note, however, that this is still a bit of "a work in progress” as we test out the best times, prices and practices. If we do make any changes, we will provide you with at least one week's notice of such changes via email and/or on our website.
These League Practise Rates are not only available to bowlers with a GObowling League or YBC Membership Card, but also to all other league/YBC bowlers from other bowling centres (proof of this is required or, alternatively, a GObowling league/YBC bowler vouching for the potential GObowling customer in question) and BTBA members. GObowling League Bowler Membership Cards will be handed out during next week.
Finally, these rates are all subject to lane availability, but we have selected the times below specifically because we are confident we can offer these to you unless there is a tournament on (again, check our website, which will highlight dates and times we are running tournaments).
League Practice Times and Rates as of 9 March 2020
Day Time League Practice Pricing:
6 games for £10 per person
Monday-Thursday - from Open until 6pm
Fridays - from Open until 5pm
Evening League Practice Pricing:
6 games for £15.00 per person
Monday-Thursday - from 5pm until 9pm
“Dawn Bowlers” - Weekend Pricing:
6 games for £15, which includes unlimited tea and instant coffees plus a bacon roll per person (vegetarian/Halal option to bacon also available) and, yes, the lanes will be freshly dressed
Sundays - from 8am until 10am
Terms & Conditions:
* All games using the League Practice discounts must be completed before the finishing time deadline, when the machines will be turned off punctually, so please ensure you time your games properly.
** The Day Time League Practice Pricing does not apply to school and public holidays, where normal pricing applies. “Dawn Bowlers” Weekend Pricing still applies as this offer is open to the public.
*** All pricing and times are subject to promotional lane availability.
A special note regarding the “Dawn Bowlers” on Sunday mornings. Although this idea originated from GObowling wanting to offer our league bowlers to do their “catch-up games” in their respective leagues one Sunday a month, we expanded on that idea to also include the general public and, hence, it will be marketed to all and sundry, not just league bowlers. We also hope that this new slot might become a platform for expanding our YBC. We really hope to see you make use of this opportunity and this new slot in our schedule, as we’ll need your support to make this additional slot viable for us.
In addition to the changes made to the League Practise times and rates above, we will also reintroduce the League Bowler Discount in The Garden Drinks & Cocktail Bar and Kitchen 22, but this can only be done once we have completed the changes we need to make to our till system. We will let you know as soon as the League Bowler Discount has been made effective. Also, each League Bowler/YBC Member will need to show their GObowling League Bowler/YBC Membership Card in order to enjoy the discounts on offer.
Finally, we are making a lot of much needed maintenance of our pinspotters and other bowling equipment over the next few weeks, and we have brought in extra mechanics (some of the best mechanics in the UK, in my opinion) to help out with all the work going on and speed up the process. As a result of the work we are carrying out, I expect there to be disruptions, there might even be certain lanes closed for maintenance when you don’t want them to be and there will be teething problems no doubt. I just want to apologies in advance for any inconvenience caused by this, but I hope you will understand that this inconvenience is going to be a short-term issue in order to ensure that you don’t experience the same problems that you've seen a lot of recently. I also hope that you extend that understanding and support to all our mechanics and other staff, as all of them, during this period, are doing extra shifts, doing longer shifts all under a lot of pressure from senior management.
Anyhow, I hope that - very soon - you will be able to have an overall much better bowling experience at GObowling.
Many thanks for your support and custom.
Best regards
Olle Sahlgren





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The minutes from the recent AGM can be viewed here 

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written by Honest Guvner. on December 23, 2012

Roundabouts only have one gear - double reverse, it must be the sandbags slowing them down.

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