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All the scores so far from the Adult Triple crown in Dunfermline Print E-mail
Written by Basher   
Sunday, 19 September 2010


The scores from the mixed doubles, teams, all events, and masters are all here !!

  Triple Crown 
England 834.5
Scotland 722
Wales 595.5
Northern Ireland 576.5
Republic of Ireland 503
Jersey 422.5    


The scores from the Singles, Doubles, and Trios at this years triple crown being played up in Dunfermline

Will Englands bowling team have a better world cup then the football team Print E-mail
Written by Basher   
Thursday, 12 August 2010
logoThe Men's world championship due to kick off this week over in Germany - Follow Englands progress ! - come on boys, rinse it up .
WYC 2010 - Finland Print E-mail
Written by Basher   
Friday, 23 July 2010
logoFollow England's finest 'young adults' out in Finland as the compete in the world Championships
2010 FINAL Unoffical Team England Rankings Print E-mail
Written by Basher   
Tuesday, 09 February 2010

Thanks to my two bowling geeks for compiling the rankings for me very promptly all year !

click on read more to read a Basher editorial rant !

The FINAL 2010 Men's rankings are here

The FINAL 2010 Ladies rankings are here  




Statement from the Editor Print E-mail
Written by Basher   
Thursday, 03 December 2009
Statement from ME !

Following on from the comments you all posted after the Gloucester's Stroud Open. Myself and Rob Kendall were given the opportunity of presenting your concerns for tournament bowling in this country and using your ideas and comments present possible for solutions on how to improve Team England tournaments.
Matt Miller Snr allowed 'us' to gatecrash his NAYBC development forum with an hour slot. Among those present were Zara and Matt Giles, representing the manufactures. From the Proprietors we Greg Jerome and the vice chairman of the Proprietors Association, Gary Brimble (who I actually meet in the reception area and I thought worked at the hotel, so I asked him where the bogs where, not the best introduction). Also there were John Egan, Chris Buck and Pat White from BTBA, and for tournaments managers we had Andy 'dolly' James.
When I say US - it was actually just me, because Rob had some technical issues and landed me right in the 'clarts' - I think there was a meal deal on at his local Chinese or something.

To prepare to myself and Rob looked at the comments and the mails and tried to find the most common themes.

So here is a brief outline of what Myself and Rob came up with and what I presented (thanks Rob)
Click on read more - there is a very important annoucement at the end !   
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